If you’ve ever felt stumped reading about health, been bored sick of medical jargon or felt like your circuits were going to blow from health information overload, then you are why Health and stories was born! It’s useful and super practical health information smothered with entertainment to help you (yes you!) get it all in.

Welcome to the fun world of health edutainment; that is health education plus entertainment. If that isn’t a win-win, then tell me what is!

If this is your first time in this fun space, I’m super stoked to have you. And, if you’ve been here before, don’t I just love you already?

Doctor Mercy Folayan

This is me!

Hey hey! I’m Mercy Folayan, a medical doctor of about ten years. My heart literally breaks every time I see people with health burdens that could have been lighter, or even non-existent, if only they had some correct information. So I’m pouring out my “doctor brain”, and my heart to get important health information to you in a fun way. I want you healthy and your life easy! (Oh you’re thanking me? You’re very welcome!)

When I’m not working here, I’m either designing cute outfits, sewing up a storm or bonding with family.

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Cheers to fun healthy living!

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